3 Reasons You Should Consider CU Certified™

Here are the 3 main reasons you should consider switching from your current provider:

Unsurpassed non-interest income

While other vehicle service contract companies keep any money not spent on member claims, CU Certified™ returns that money directly back to our credit union partners. The national average is $488 surplus non-interest income per policy sold in addition to the credit union’s retail mark-up. in 2021, credit union partners in texas earned close to $200,000 in underwriting profit.

Best-in-class vehicle service contract

Developed by credit unions for credit unions, CU Certified™ was built to provide a better vehicle service contract that covers more member repairs, while also better protecting your collateral and brand.

Full financial transparency reporting

Unlike other providers, CU Certified™ sends our credit union partners a complete and comprehensive analysis of the program every month. We believe it is the Credit Union’s right to see where every cent is going.

About CU Certified

Voted one of the top ten best ideas by NACUSO in 2016, CU Certified™ was created in Maine with collaboration partners. Down East Credit Union was the first credit union to ask itself, “Why shouldn’t we enjoy the same benefits auto dealers enjoy when the dealer sells a vehicle service contract?” The question was answered with CU Certified. Auto dealers have been participating in 100% of the underwriting profit on vehicle service contracts for thirty years. CU Certified is not a new program, it is new to our industry. We believe credit unions should be able to enjoy those same benefits, so we bring our partners the best idea in a generation for credit unions.

Contact CU Certified™ today to discuss the unseen truth of vehicle SERVICE contracts and potential income for your credit union.


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