3 Reasons You Should Consider CU Certified™

Here are the 3 main reasons you should consider switching from your current provider: Unsurpassed non-interest income While other vehicle service contract companies keep any money not spent on member claims, CU Certified™ returns that money directly back to our credit union partners. The national average is $488 surplus non-interest income per policy sold in […]

ProFed Federal CU Sees Great Loan Growth Through Responsible Indirect Lending Program

March 21, 2022by Luke Prather, CU Alliance CUSO Like many lending institutions, ProFed Federal Credit Union in Fort Wayne, Indiana was looking for ways to move excess funds to higher yielding instruments as the economy gained some life in 2017.  Indirect lending was one pursuit. Both the CEO and CLO had experience with successful indirect auto programs in past lives […]

Alabama CU Services Adds Greater Value to Its Indirect Program by Partnering with CUAC

February 10, 2022by Vicky Kinsey, Vice President of Marketing, CU Alliance CUSO Alabama CU Services, a CUSO based in Tuscaloosa, AL, operates a very successful indirect program in over a dozen states and provides auto, power‐sports, and tractor lending. Historically, Alabama CU Services provided indirect services only to Alabama Credit Union. However, ACUSI saw how smaller […]

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