CU Certified Benefits


Learn why credit unions are switching to CU Certified™

CU Certified™ is a credit union-created vehicle service contract (mechanical repair coverage) that
provides best-in-class coverage while creating an unparalleled source of non-interest income.
It’s the first program to give back 100% unused claim premium to the participating credit
union. Not only is this an additional source of income, but it completely shifts the power of how
claims are paid.

Benefits for your organization

  • Annual return of 100% of the underwriting profit (i.e. experience refund, unused claims premium)
  • Stronger voice and above & beyond service member perception
  • Member-focused technology with system integration
  • A proven ”5-Step Local Launch Program” with customized in-person training and ongoing support
  • Transparency, monthly program reporting, and experience

Benefits for your members

  • True $0 deductible (Full labor rates, diagnostics, fluids, filters, sales tax, etc. are covered)
  • Prorated cancellation formula that does NOT deduct claims paid from the refund
  • International acceptance from any licensed repair facility
  • Best vehicle protection in the credit union marketplace

What sets CU Certified™ apart?

A significant source of non-interest income to your credit union while providing:

  • Proactive claims process was established to go above and beyond and drive credit union loyalty
  • A vehicle service contract that cannot profit from denied or shorted claims
  • Repair facilities treated like a member
  • High member and staff satisfaction

CU Certified™ is the first program to offer a best-in-class vehicle service contract for credit union members while giving back 100% of the underwriting profit to the participating credit union. CU Certified drives member value by generating non-interest income through the products already offered by most institutions today. We offer credit unions the opportunity to take control of their own program by sending 100% of the premium generated through the sale of vehicle service contracts to their profit participation program.

Contact CU Certified™ today to discuss the unseen truth of vehicle SERVICE contracts and potential income for your credit union.


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