CU Alliance Celebrates 25 Years of Service to Credit Unions

April 18, 2023.

CU Alliance (CUA) is excited to celebrate 25 years as a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO), diligently working to help grow credit unions through shared innovation and efficiencies.  

Originally founded as an indirect auto lender, today, CUA manages the operations of several credit union loan-growth products and services for more than two hundred credit unions and multiple CUSOs in 14 states. Services include indirect auto lending, mortgage origination and servicing, online member car shopping tools, and loan insurance products. 

Adrian Dominguez, President, and CEO of CUA stated: “To our credit union owner/investors and business partners, I am appreciative of your business. Thank you for putting your trust in our ability to help you achieve your goals and vision of success. To our employees, to be in business for twenty-five years requires exceptional individuals; thank you for your hard work and dedication. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with such a group of talented, passionate, and caring people.”

About CU Alliance:  CU Alliance, LLC (CUA) is a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) that offers multiple loan aggregation products and services by leveraging CUSO efficiencies, best practices, and technology to help credit unions thrive in the consumer lending business.

Contact: John Riley | 9601 Jones Rd. Ste. 108. Houston, TX 77065 | 832-912-2122 ext. 202 |

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